Be Inspired with Tyler Tolman
All inclusive Weekend Retreats

Discover How You Can Experience ‘Health & Happiness’ With Tyler Tolman & The Be-Inspired Team

We are buzzing at Barwon Heads Resort to host this revealing and powerful WEEKEND event. World renowned expert Tyler Tolman and the practitioner team at Barwon Heads Retreats will work intimately with the retreat attendees to demonstrate why moving from “Sick Care” (what we’re told is “Health Care”) to SELF Care is so important for you and your loved ones in the modern world. At this fun and enlightening event, you’ll discover how you can dramatically improve your health for the better – forever!

You will be inspired to make lasting health choices and create a new more balanced and energetic you. Barwon Heads Retreat is a place where you can take time out from life, regain energy, set new goals and learn a wealth of knowledge to become a healthier, HAPPIER more motivated person.

Luxury accommodation and a remarkable dining experience of gourmet vegetarian cuisine prepared by our passioante dedicated chef will make your experience more memorable. Enhancing your experience will be the inclusion of a massage in the relaxation centre. Tyler and the Be Inspired team will share your experience with morning walks on 13th beach to watch the sunrise to awaken your soul, clear your mind and energise your body.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • The problem with the vast majority of food and personal care products on the market today
  • How to recognise ‘disease-causing’ ingredients in packaged foods and products so that you know EXACTLY what to avoid at all costs
  • How to heal your body from common illnesses and ailments ‘naturally’ without medicine
  • How to recognize what is a synthetic, harmful drug versus something that will be of benefit to your health
  • Why ancient cultures lived long and disease free…and why they were so brilliant – Find out what Pythagoras, Da Vinci, Socrates and others wanted you to know
  • The critical importance of wholefoods and how they’re ‘designed’ to target specific parts of your anatomy for optimum health and healing
  • Simple daily rituals that can totally transform your health (and LIFE!) and give you new levels of energy that you may never thought possible
  • An understanding of “fasting” and why it can be so beneficial for regaining health and totally rejuvenating your body and mind Heaps of fantastic healthy, happy tips to help you begin living life to the full…plus much more!!

Spend some time to reflect, learn and be inspired!

5-7th October 2012

Spaces limited – Book now