The Resort offers Barwon Heads leading fitness trainers who provide a range of workouts based on the guest’s needs. Using the coastal area around the Resort or being driven down to the banks of the Barwon River, your exercise options include one of the following:

A Light session with a range of gentle exercise options designed to moderately increase heart rate. These include activities such as a brisk walk and a light jog on the beach followed by a stretching routine. For guests wanting to introduce exercise into their day, this is a wonderful way to get started.
A Moderate session that starts with a light warm up, then moves into a fitball workout with a challenging strength element, followed up with some moderate cardio work. This is a great all round session in which guests can also enjoy the natural beauty of Barwon Heads.
A Power session for guests with an established level of fitness. This is a challenging experience designed to push the body under the guidance of a fully qualified team. Guests will use their entire physical and mental capacities while engaging in high intensity boxing and cardio work in the sand and full body core strength development.
All sessions are for 60 minutes and conclude with a wonderful hands-on stretch and recovery period.
Contact one of our friendly staff at Reception to book in a time.

Call 5254 1777 or send an email

You can find our trainer Cameron on